Chioma Jesus Beats Beyonce In Popularity Contest (Reactions)

Popular Nigerian gospel singer, Chioma Jesus has been trending online after she won American Grammy award-winning musician Beyonce in a Twitter poll.

A popularity poll recently took place online to determine who was more popular between gospel singer, Chioma Jesus and Global artiste, Beyonce.

The online poll was done after a Twitter user, Imoteda claimed that Beyoncé is more prevalent than footballers.

She said “So many people think football players are crazy popular. It’s so weird. Like how can you say a football player is more popular than Beyonce? Then name two football players that even I wouldn’t recognize. “

To prove a point that not everyone is a fan of the American artiste and that she was not more popular another user, Igbo Batman created the Twitter poll, asking for people to vote between Chioma Jesus and Beyoncé.

In the poll, Chioma Jesus came out top, gathering 100,000 votes compared to the 10,000 votes Beyoncé got.

The poll, however, gathered interesting and funny reactions.

A user, Potoyuzu, while addressing the performance prowess of both singers said
“Chioma Jesus can do halo, but Beyonce could never do bulldozer.”

Similarly, D_adewumi said “Chioma Jesus all the way joor.. Can Beyonce stand in one spot and be singing “Jesus You are My Bulldozer oo” for 45mins?”

Cfc_Rioz responded that, “As I see dz poll, I know say “Chioma Jesus” go win am, I sha vote her too.”

Ridwanwahabbayo also said “I don’t know who Chioma Jesus is but she’s more popular than Beyonce. Yes!!!”

Folukemi Ogundiran

I am Folukemi, a child of God, a teacher of the Word with a great passion for gospel media.

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