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More Revelations on How Prophet TB Joshua Died

“TB JOSHUA WAS VERY SICK according to those very close to him but in this religious industry, we are taught to act strong even when we can see we are dying

News are beginning to trickle in about how the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations Prophet TB Joshua died

While the death of the popular clergy was announced, the cause of death was omitted as a statement from the church implored members of the public to grant the family some privacy to mourn the departed clergy.

But a post by tech expert and preacher, Charles Awuzie revealed the clergy had been sick even though he was still preaching at church meetings.

Charles Awuzie writes, “2 weeks ago, I posted that I was very sick and a very concerned follower suggested that I go to Prophet TB Joshua for prayers..

“I read his comment and realized that RELIGION has messed humanity up.

“If it was my time to die, how would TB Joshua, a fellow mortal who could die anytime too stop me from dying?

“What powers do you think another human has over another?

“Think deeply about the above question

“Listen, 3 days ago, I got bedridden again….. So I have literally been posting from a bed and I haven’t left the bed except to use the bathroom…. But if I don’t tell you, you won’t know that I can be sick but still ACTIVE AND PRODUCTIVE.

“All I want to inspire in this generation is HONESTY AND HUMILITY TO EMBRACE OUR HUMANITY.

“TB JOSHUA WAS VERY SICK according to those very close to him but in this religious industry, we are taught to act strong even when we can see we are dying… It is called Positive confession.

“PA Adeboye’s son had underlying medical challenges which were not disclosed to anyone.

Bushiri was the most honest person who shared the story of his daughter’s sickness. And when she died, it was obvious that she died of a medical condition – JUST LIKE THE REST OF HUMANITY.

Also, one of the commentators on the post, Ogechi Alabi said, “I agree with you. I just watched his last video and he looked very frail and old. He was obviously sick. But then, spiritual leaders are believed to be superhuman and above sicknesses and diseases. The truth is; any of us humans can fall sick and die at any time.

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The question is, are we ready for eternity? Are ready to be judged by our God? Have we lived a live that will secure us a place in heaven? It doesn’t matter how you die but where you are going.”

If you are still wondering about how Prophet TB Joshua Died, this may be a part of the answers you are looking for. We promise to bring you more updates as events unfold


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