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Reactions As Another Pastor Says Late Osinachi Did Not Enter Heaven – See Reasons

It seems the end has not come to the various visions that have been shared since the death of the Ekuweme singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu.

All the way from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, pastor Allen Mziray has gone on to the social media to reveal what he saw concerning the late Osinachi.

According to him, the singer didn’t enter the gates of heaven.

In a lengthy post he shared on Facebook, pastor Allen said he heard God speak to him that he should announce how the deceased failed to make through the heaven’s gates.

He said God allegedly told him that she didn’t make heaven because of worldly adornments.

While backing up his points by quoting God’s words to him, he wrote that God told him to “Go and talk about osinachi nwachuchukwu and how she failed to enter the gates of heaven because of worldly adornment.”

Allen also said that God confirmed that He gave Osinachi the gift of singing but she failed to separate herself from wordly adornment which did cost her access to heaven’s gates.

He said, “The Lord told me, ” it is true that i anointed her and i gave her the gift of worship, she was my servant but she failed to separate from worldly adornment, as a result she was not allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven because of wordly adornment”.

He also wrote that “This is a very sad thing saints, the Lord is very serious when it comes to his word, he does not change nor will he change. If he says that no jewellery for his children then we must obey his word regardless of where you congregate,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, many have gone to the page of the pastor to give a piece of their minds.

Jonathan D Anointed G-Outreach said: “I would have helped you understand the scripture by showing you what you were missing but, you came with threats and a closed door to learning.”

According to Ugwa Simon de Rock, he said, “I never see a muslim brother or sister against themselves but in Christiandom, we be against ourselves, manipulation full in the world today. May God help us.”

Also, Caleb Mathews said: “Is Amadioha that gave you that revelation Sir!……No be only jewelleries! She for no de wear clothes too. When Amadioha speaks we no Sir!”

While Bukiwe Mkentane Siluma reacted that,”Are you sure that was God talking to you or you looked at her pics and decided to judge her? Let this woman rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord that she served so passionately regardless of challenges that she was facing at home.”

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