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Reinhard Bonnke Undergoes Surgery, Calls For Prayers

The CFAN founder had a surgery done on his right femur and according to him, he needs to learn how to walk again.

Foremost German Evangelist and the founder of Christ for All Nations, Reinhard Bonnke has called on other believers to pray for him after a surgery.

The CFAN founder had a surgery done on his right femur and according to him, he needs to learn how to walk again.

Read his words below,

My dearest prayer partners,

It is my desire to share with you my present situation. I definitely need your prayers, as Paul the Apostle needed it from the early churches for his personal needs.

Right now, I am in hospital and have undergone a right femur bone surgery. All has gone well so far, but now I have to add a few weeks of learning to walk again.

My spirit is rejoicing, especially when I think of you. I have been able to pray for you and your very many needs and am asking you to pray for me now. I will read every reply and thank you in anticipation and in the Name of Jesus.

Pressing towards the mark with jubilation.

Your fellow labourer in Christ,
Reinhard Bonnke

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Folukemi Adebola

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    1. Sir, we are standing in prayers with you. God has used you to meet many needs, He will restore your health perfectly.

    2. May I say to you Evangelist, that it is indeed well with you. My nation, Trinidad & Tobago and I pray for your ability to walk again. I personally know what this is all about as I have been through this. It is well

  1. Heaven and earth were rejoicing bcos of you, God is in control Sir you’re healed in the name of Jesus

    1. May The ALMIGHTY GOD remember all the great works that have been done through your hands.
      I remember the great impact you had on some of us when you came to our country Zambia. I pray for your speedy recovery.

    1. Our God is the God of the impossible and the impossible will manifest in your body Evangelist according to His Will and purpose for your life our Evangelist.

      1. Father I ask that you go where my brother is & lay your healing hands on him & heal him in the mighty name of Jesus.

  2. The Lord the Jehovah Rapha will perfect your healing and you will be made whole. God will continue to use you for His glory. Amen.

  3. No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Thank you Jesus for you word is powerful, it is medicine to our flesh and bones.

  4. First i thank GOD for the success of the operation so far! Is a sign GOD LOVE YOU, and care for you . Glory to GOD. AND I pray for you; “‘God our father the mighty healer, that heals will perfect his healing right now, and the spirit of the lord that is upon you will perfect this healing, your own spirit will substain you EVANGELIST; by the stripes of jesus and you are made whole; in Christ jesus name;”‘ so shall it be, Amen!

  5. You will walk again and soon sir! The Lord will strengthened every born in u to make u walk with ease!! Speed recovery sir!

  6. May the good Lord preserve you, give you strength and power.
    You’re made whole in Jesus’ Name sir.
    Hope to hear about your wholeness soon.
    Thank you for yielding to the divine call sir.
    You will not miss your eternal reward.

  7. May the lord God remember all your labour in his vineyard and heal you so fast.. You are a blessing on earth. Before 21 days may your healing be permanent.

    1. I speaking healing into your body man of God in Jesus Name. I speak to your body to hear and feel the voice of faith as I command your body to repond to words of faith in the prayer of agreement. The body of Mr Reinhart Bonkke God’s Servant , hear me. I command healing in Jesus Name to come upon you. Body tissues and bones be aligned in Jesus Name. Blood be purified to supply healing to the body’s affected areas. Bones be strengthen and renewed to support the body. Mind be renewed to accept the healing in the Name of Jesus and the heart receive and accept the power of prayers of agreement from all believers in the Name of Jesus and for his glory. BE HEALED MAN OF GOD IN JESUS NAME.

  8. By His Strips you are healed in Jesus name!!!
    You are great blessing to the body of Christ .
    It’s honour to pray for you Sir .

    God bless you
    Robin Peter

  9. I prayer for you as a son of God, call upon the promises of God
    Written in the holy bible,
    Be healed in Jesus name, the name above all names.
    The Holy Spirit is upon you fulfilling the word of the father.
    We love ❤️ You Dear brother Bonke.
    Please keep us up to date.

  10. Dear Brother Bonke,

    Receive your healing in Jesus’s Mighty Name! We rejoice with you for the successful surgery and are waiting for the good news of total recovery. You will walk again by His stripes.

    THANK GOD for your life, testimony and ministry. I like your great expectation to the finished line. You have been a great asset and blessing to His Kingdom. YOUR LABOR SHALL NOT BE IN VAIN. 1COR.15:58

  11. By the grace of God, enjoy the perfect healing in your body, I have been a beneficiary of the healing during your crusade back then, may His grace be sufficient for you in Jesus name Amen.

    1. The Lord you have been serving selflessly cannot leave you stranded. Let His virtue of healing flow into your system as you read this post in Jesus name. We shall keep mentioning you in prayers.

  12. It is an honor to stand with you in faith, knowing our Lord’s great love & compassion toward you in all things. Believing with you for strength, complete healing and restoration in your physical body. May the joy of the Lord be your portion today!

  13. The good Lord to whom you have pour your life serving him in winning millions of souls to Him heal you completely, restore speedily and renew your youth in Jesus name.

  14. I’ve been a supporter of yours for years and I am praying for your complete recovery/ ‘You will leap like a calf loosed from the stall.’

  15. dear sir have faith our God is a great God and can do anything. as the psalmist said in ps23 yea though I walk threw ( threw) not around the valley of the shadow( shadow) of death I will Fear NO evil. He is with us and every mountain we meet we much find a way through it. God will get you through it. Get well soon God Bless you from KATHY

  16. Pastor Bonnke
    We pray that right now as you read this message, that you will experience in a tangible way the very presence of God as He assures you that He is in full control of your life.

  17. Sweet Holy Spirit, behold thy servant, remember his labor in your vineyard ..and touch him, heal him, make him whole again, recreat new bones , new Femors … Touch every part of his body, and restroom health and vitality to him. In Jesus most wonderful name….amen

  18. Brother Bonnke,
    You and the your team are in my prayers everyday, the harvest is great. May the Lord bless you with speedy healing, painfree and all inflammation removed. Walk in His goodness. You still have a lot to do, keep the faith.

    Love you Brother
    PS. I am enjoying your Golden Nugget Book

  19. God bless sir praying for your speedy recovery, I have had to learn to walk again my self a couple of times, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ always comes through for us, and he will again. Be Blessed sir.

    1. May the Lord strengthen you physically and build you up tobe able to walk strong and again , in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. May God’s grace abound for you as you go through recovery processses after the surgery.
      The Lord is your shepherd and strength.
      Dr. Ekwueme , P. O

  20. Dear man off God
    i pray for you in the mighty name off Jesus Christ are Healer and savior
    and i pray that you gonne walk ,gonne run and you not gonne be tired
    you gonne be a Blessing as you always was and always shall be
    Lord Jesus i ask that youre servant by youre stripes is already health
    IN Jesus name Amen
    i wish you many Blessings
    evangelist Ronny Masschelein

  21. Don’t be surprised if recovery takes MONTHS. The older we are, the longer it takes. Apart from a miracle. Prayers.

  22. Yes Sir! An opportunity to pray for a General. ABBA We thank YOU for the authority to call those things that be NOT as though they were. So We come BOLDLY to YOUR throne to make our petitions. ABBA we decree YOUR WORD of healing when NOTHING is broken and NOTHING lacking over R Bonnke and YOUR Word ABBA NEVER returns void unto that which YOU have sent it to accomplish . We thank YOU for the finished work of his leg and PUT A PRAISE on in his honor in JESUS MIGHTY Name ALL GLORY, Honor and Praise to THE ONE WHO SITS ON THE THRONE! We Decree DIVINE Health !! Amen, Amen and Amen🙌🔥🙏💃🏻⚔️🙌🔥

  23. I stay in the word of God psalm34:19-20 many are the affliction of the righteousness but the Lord deliver them.He protect all his bones no one of them shall be broken.God is in control of your situation. We are fighting in a victory line. from South Africa Pretoria. We were blessed by your presence this year in April by your presence in Loftus stadium.

  24. The Lord strengthen you and keep you, may the joy of the Lord be you as you heel and recover,
    the Lord delights in you., servant of our most high God.
    May you rest in Him and feel His wrap around love surround you.
    His peace and promises are yours.
    His richest blessings to you.🙌🌈🙌🌈🙌


  25. May the father of grace bring healing to u supernaturally
    I was a kid and my life was touched when you came to Ghana Kumasi sports stadium in the early 90s. God will restore you Evangelist

  26. We are praying for a quick, painless recovery and total restoration to your walking and health.
    Please pray for me as I will have a complete right hip replacement on December 27.
    God bless you!

    1. The Lord will have His way, His will shall prevail and His name shall be glorified and you shall testify of His goodness and faithfulness in Jesus name. Amen.

  27. May our God that is a capable of doing all things see you through this moment and restore you wholly in Jesus name.

  28. The fervent prayers of the righteous avail much. Praying fervently right now believing for complete healing and restoration right now! Receive it by faith and declare it!

  29. To God be the Glory for the success of the surgery, The faithful God will perfect your healing in Jesus name. He says in Jer. 30 : 17 that He will restore health unto you and heal you of your wounds…. may this Scripture find expression in your life now in Jesus name Amen.
    Sir, there shall be manifestation of positive Great Turn Around concerning your present conditions in Jesus name.
    Speedy recovery in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  30. Apostle you are heal and shall recover fast. I speak that the Angel’s will be with you while you are recovering. Bless you Apostle and may heaven continue to use you for this national.

  31. Heavenly Father, I lift up the anointed man of God and thank you for all that he has done to minister to others and ask that you heal him now. Your word says that by Your stripes we are healed and I am believing for total healing and restoration.

  32. You are healed in Jesus Precious Name. You will fulfil more vision on earth and that vision shall keeps you alive to fulfill your days on the earth. You are bless Papa & we love you sir!

  33. The Lord will perfect that which He has started in your life Sir. I pray for speedy recovery in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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