SAD😭😭 How Fake Prophet Destroyed Her Family

A lady has recounted how a prophetess tore her family apart with a false prophecy.

The lady identified as Vanexxa took to TikTok to explain in an emotional video that the prophetess claimed that her father wanted to use her for rituals.

She further revealed the pains and struggles she went through as a kid.

She said the problem began at the tender age of seven, adding that her mother and father fought every day throughout her childhood and that she lived in tough times.

She also stated that her dad always disappeared from the house after consistent fights with her mom.

She then narrated that following this, a prophetess claimed that her dad will use her for ritual and that her parents were not meant for each other.

She said that her mother singlehandedly raised her and that she would always go to the phonebooth to call her dad and beg him to come back home everyday.

Vanexxa stated “ My childhood was a mess. My dad and my mom will fight and my dad will leave the house for months. My mum will beg me to call my dad and tell him that I’ve not eaten and that he should come back home because we need him.

“My dad will come back home and my parents will fight again. My mum then took my dad to a church for deliverance. One pastor prophesized that my dad will use me for blood money.

“After this my parents fought again and I begged my dad to come back home. After begging my dad one fateful day, he bought me suya while returning home.

“I ate it and the next day, my tummy got swollen and I was purging. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor said it was food poisoning.

“My mum quickly remembered what the pastor said and concluded that my dad wanted to kill me and that the prophecy is true.

“The doctor later explained that it was a natural ailment not spiritual and that my dad was innocent”.

Folukemi Ogundiran

I am Folukemi, a child of God, a teacher of the Word with a great passion for gospel media.

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