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Young Pastor Reveals The Hell He Went Through At RCCG Pastor School

After struggling with himself for a while, young Ayilara O Oluwaseunfunmi, a Muslim turned Christian decided to yield to the call of God but decided to begin by attending a Bible school, this decision led him to Redeemed Bible College (RCBC), an RCCG Pastor School.

He recounted his ordeal, ho he was seen as a rebel for standing up for what he believed was right and how he struggled with his experience which almost made him turn back from Christ.

Below is his story which he shared in two parts.


Me, I have no business dragging a Man of God, especially when he’s old enough to be my father. Either his humility is false or genuine, I don’t care. And if he collects tithe or seed, I have no particular interest in it.

But this is what I have a plight on – THE INSTITUTION CALLED RCBC OF RCCG! And this is not to attack. I guess it’s easier to get attention through captions these days than rant endlessly.

Look at this picture below.

Young Pastor Reveals The Hell He Went Through At RCCG Pastor School
That was me in 2013 when I finally submitted to the inner turbulence in me to go celibate from the “world”.

Forget the smile, it’s the original fake.

I’ve heard how people are ostracized for having no particular “godfather” in religious settings when they set out independently.
Something totally strange to the scripture.
But what can I do in the world of “fulfilling all righteousness”?

I paid over a 100thousand to be admitted to this pastoral Institution under RCCG called RCBC – REDEEMED CHRISTIAN BIBLE COLLEGE.

Before I continue, let me say, “do not blame RCCG Pastors who either appear wicked or manipulative”. They were trained to be so!

My first ordeal was what birth this look I have on in the photo.
I’d arrived for session with my well-trimmed hair and good aura in a taxi that was hired to carry my belongings that were housed in two big Ghana Must Go. I was going to be there for the next 7-8months, away from this “sinful world”…lol

One guy whom I choose not to call out here welcome me with a smile. Very short a guy. Up to my waist level. He helped carry one bag while I dragged the other.

We got to the hostel and without allowing me to rest, another one in this kind of shirt I had on called like five of us who arrived at the same time together and gave us a long sermon on why we must “have a message”…

Having a message to them I later discovered is to be a dummy.
Just don’t use your reasoning.
Just be foolish!

After this, he commanded us to start jumping up – 2 fucking feet above the ground level.

My heart was palpitating.
I was dying gradually.
I’d not eaten since I woke up.
My excitement to become a Pastor gradually started dwindling.
I thought that if I don’t do something, these people will kill me.
I’d just recovered from a 2month hospitalization.
So I feigned Comatose.
I fell down after 2hrs of jumping up.

My amazement was that nobody cares.
They say if I can’t withstand stress, how can I withstand demons.

Like seriously?

This welcome torture continues for others as they arrived in batches.

Later that night, we were woken up at 12midnight to pick cutlass and start cutting down bushes.

I’d not held more than a knife in 15yrs.

“What if there’s snake?”

“Apostle Paul was bitten by a snake. So show us you have the power of God in you.” One of them replied.

We dare not kill mosquitoes.

“Won’t they eat?” They will shout at us.

After 2hrs, we littered the floor of the dormitory like a refugee, tired, and inhaling each other’s breath.

All night, I kept thinking that this must be some kind of mistake that must be reported to the appropriate quarter.

Surprise of my life was discovering that the Provost of the Institution ordered such treatment in conjunction with the Student Affair Officer who later became my sworn enemy for my audacity.

We were formally welcomed to the Institution the following day and election of who would be the governor of my set was done. Unanimously, I was chosen, for reasons I know not.

Trust me, I started fighting the system.
I made a report on every injustice and prove to them why it’s evil.
We build houses on the campus ground under hot sun.
Like the Egyptian Taskmaster, we mould our own blocks from the scratch, pack sand, mix cement, do all forms of hard labour.

We were given houses of Teachers to clean off campus but within camp.

We wake up as early as 4 to start the day’s struggle and won’t sleep till 11pm, that is if one DEMONIC FOOL will not wake you up for a long talk at midnight again.

Some of us wash the lecturer’s clothes, their wife’s, and even take their children to school before running back to shower and dash off to class.

One senior who was 18yr old at the time had mandated my people to jump up under the rain for hours while I was in a meeting and I heard about it.
Quickly I ran down and demanded their release.
I could see that these old men were drenched in their own sweat and not the rain.

The following morning, I was removed as the Governor of my set while still on bed by the SAO.

He replaced me with one religious dude who is very shy and timid so they could control him.

In class, I give it to them hard.
How can you be teaching me how to play “church politics and conduct programs to raise money” in Bible College?

Those lecturers are jokers on their own.
They talk what they don’t understand.
Bragging like idiots while their vulture eyes feast the ladies.

They called the males “righteousness” and the females “holiness”.

The rule is not to have Relationship with one another during the course of the schooling but they all get married to one another barely two months after graduation.

Bunch of hypocrites!

Please allow me to continue in PART 2 because there is more

Part 2

With the kind of heavy threat I got on my life and the countless persuasion to quit this expression of mine, I must confess that I have to pray to God to show me in a dream if this is something he’s angry about.
And I must really say he did!

He showed me NOTHING!

So I’m just going to go ahead since all men can lie but God is true!

Before I start, let me state clearly that I was a Muslim by birth.
Practising Muslim.
I was skilled in reading Arabic Qur’an.
I also went back to learn translation.
In fact, it was Qur’an that thought me about Jesus and Virgin Mary.
Let me say, it was Qur’an that preached salvation to me.
So there’s no way I’m going back to Islam.
I’ll rather embrace Buddhism.
I’m ok with Jesus.
And I’m aware you CHRISTIANS are nothing like your CHRIST!
All you do is “godfather” and “godchildren”, leaving God The Father and your place as Children of God empty.

Well, the TRUTH is what I’m about.

There are more evil in the body of Christ than endless raising of funds through unimaginable seed sowing scheme and threat of not paying tithe.

Those things, I have better revelation on.
So I’m not touching it because if I do, you people will just run mad.

I am just an innocent young man who was abused by the so-called CHURCH OF GOD!
An innocent young man whose only strength is in writing.
So I won’t be silenced.
I will write!
While I also submit the threats to the law enforcement agencies.
But as for my resolution – IF I PERISH, I PERISH.
From time to time, my activities in the hostel is updated in the SAO’s office because he has planted some of them as my monitoring spirit.

I learned they divide us to conquer us.
I myself was approached for such assignment by a lecturer who is not the SAO.
But I rejected that proposal.

I will often give a different non-religious interpretation of the scripture as my spirit leads me and clamor for people to have a new thought pattern when they come to me for Bible Study.

That became my major offense.
They said I was “starting a form of cult” in the school.

At the end of our training, I was the only student who wasn’t posted to any RCCG church and I really thank God now than then.

This SAO made sure everyone was called to the assembly on the night of posting, give them their letters as they moved to another side until it was only me standing before over 90 folks like a lamb doomed for sacrifice.

This guy really traumatized me emotionally that night by saying a lot to me publicly.

They say “I will cause a revolution that is not necessary in the church”.

Well, I guess DaddyFreeze is giving them a run for it now.

What about those who were posted to Pastor?

People of God, I witnessed first-hand lobbying and corruption in that place!

It’s about who you know and how connected you are, not the anointing.
In fact, your frustration begins when the anointing descends on you.
Those guys hate to see God in you.

States like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Ogun State are choice area for those who know pesin.

God help you and you know nobody or did not sign up as a spy on your fellow student for this Evil SAO during the course of the program or hypocrisy isn’t a nature you readily have, the forest of Ondo, Zaria, Maiduguri, and other harsh fronts is your lot.

When many of them couldn’t cope, they quit RCCG to start their own ministries.
Some of those who insisted. I mean some, who insisted, are brought back to camp insane due to several factors.

Truth is, they couldn’t help those young mentally unstable folks whom they claimed had committed sin in the field and allowed the arrow of the Devil to touch them.

Let me not mention what they call “Mission Assignment” which is clearing thick forest that grows on a swamp, infested with dangerous animals without medical attention. (See picture below for proof)

Young Pastor Reveals The Hell He Went Through At RCCG Pastor School

I learned the principle of brown and white envelopes in that place. A story for another day.

Also, how the church was set up like a marketing scheme where your validity and promotion in the church solely recline on the increase of money you remit on monthly basis.
You can win souls for all they care, if it’s not a “rich soul”, you are still not trying.

Some Pastors even pick up jobs so they can make up for the deficit of the tithe and offering expected in the national while others conduct endless program, not because of the Spiritual Uplifting of the members but to collect offerings to level things up.


May I say that my head or our head was forcefully scraped the night we arrived against our will?

And I was once forced to throw away all my jewelry which I inherited from my grandfather or I will be expelled.

Guess what?
I went back worshipping in my RCCG after all of these experience because I came for Jesus Christ and not people.
But I realized that if I don’t leave these people, they will distort my little conviction about Christianity.
So I took a nice walk last year when out of envy, I was set up again for the 100th time.

Let not their false humility make you think they know God.
Let not their endless program make you think you need God more.
Let not their expectation of you in church activities think you have a relationship with God.

This is not an attack on the RCCG.
It is rather my own experience in RCBC.

So I won’t.

I stand to preach Christ and the Truth of God’s Nature, not attack it.
Kill me if you can!

This was not posted to tarnish the image of any church, but comments on this post revealed this has been the norm at this institution for decades. Imagine how many people have turned to a rogue because of this type of experiences. Not everyone will be as lucky as those that scaled through.

If we all could speak boldly against what we perceive as wrong in the government, we should be able to speak out against unruly acts in the religious circle too… of course, without engaging in an act of dishonor

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Folukemi Adebola

I am a trained journalist, an aspiring speaker, a writer, a counselor, a teacher (of the scripture), a social media enthusiast, and of course, a Jesus lover. Do you wish to know me or have something to share with me? Then let’s chat on Whatsapp – +2348064395985

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  1. Everyone have different encounters on their way to greatness. But those who kept moving without complain get the better side. Bro seun the institution is not a demonic place where pastors are raised. But every institution have a standard and a set down rules. They train people to be rugged and righteous which is a philosophy that have being passed to them from their founding fathers. So they need to preserve their tradition. And I think the greatest tradition in Redeemed Christian Bible College is HONOUR. Bro you spent six month, some people spent four years.

    1. Exactly,from his account above obviously he wasn’t broken.He seems to think becoming a pastor is fancy!How can you be a successful Shepherd over the Sheep of GOD,if you are not broken?He even complained of paying over 100k,some Bible schools pay over 300k.In the picture he posted,l saw an “air conditioner”! Yet he is complaining,do you think you’ll just become “Big” overnight?

  2. What has AC got to do with what he is saying,soul winning and soul abiding whether rich or poor is the most important of all than raising funds, you need to be in his shoe genuinely before you will understand, better still you need to work with God truthfully and let’s see if you will still support that, ITS ALL ABOUT GOD, enough of playing church….

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